Current projects

I answered their call and started my studies in the summer of 2002 and continued my research in 2003 and 2004. As for finding a biologist for the project, it turned out that nobody had the courage to embark on such work, as all the biologists contacted were in some way involved with universities or in freelance research paid for by the government of Bavaria. In the end I conducted the study with the help of local citizens, who feel cheated and lied to, and who are ill and worry for their children. My main supporters were Michael and Ingeborg Gaska and the other people who helped me collect the true bugs. Twenty-eight collection sites around the power plant were selected, and 50 true bugs were collected per site. The biotopes were carefully chosen to include all wind directions, and natural biotopes such as woods and untreated grasslands.


Tree Bug from Kammeltal, Near Nuclear Power Plant Gundremmingen, Bavaria
Watercolor, Zürich 2003
Left thorax side is deformed


Tree bug from Kammeltal, Germany