Current projects

Field Study in the Environs of Swiss Nuclear Power Plants in Entlebuch Canton Lucerne, Switzerland

One of the scientific community’s main criticisms was that I had no reference biotope. Personally I do not believe that we still have anything like a reference biotope. We do not know where and how radioactivity has been deposited on the earth’s surface by nuclear bomb testing, or released on purpose like at Hanford or through accidents with nuclear fallout. In spite of all this pollution a 1% mutation rate is considered normal among plants and animals. I had two reference biotopes, Tema in Ghana and Gockhausen in Switzerland, both from the time before Chernobyl, but had not named them, because at the time I did not know a reference biotope wold be requested.
In the area around Zürich I had collected about 150 true bugs and painted some of them.


Thorax of a Soft Bug from Salwiden, Canton Lucerne
Watercolor, Flühli 2008
The thorax is deformed


Soft Bug from Salwiden, Entlebuch, Switzerland