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Non of the collected true bugs showed morphological disturbances (morphological disturbances MD, all disturbaces AD). There were 'only' disturbances like altered pigments, dots lacking on the surface or dark patches.

In the case of Tema (Ghana, 5º 38' N, 0º 0' E; 1971), which then was still unaffected by civilization, there were among the 50 collected true bugs no MD. In Golfo Dulce (Costa Rica, 8º 39' N, 83º 15' W; 2005), at the edge of rainforest near the seashore, there were 2005 among the 63 true bugs 1,6% AD but no morphological deformations (MD) found.


Head of a stink bug from Hüttlenen, Canton Lucerne
Watercolor, Flühli 2008
The right side of the head is disturbed


Stink Bug from Hüttlenen, Entlebuch, Switzerland