Current projects

Next, a total of 383 true bugs were investigated from three different places in Switzerland and Ireland:

a) in the region of Isérables (46º 10' N, 7º 15' E) in Valais (1992), at an altitude of 1100 m above sea level (265 bugs); 3,4 % had AD and 1,9 % had MD.
b) in the region of Weggis (47º 2' N, 8º 26' E), a beautiful area on Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) (68 bugs); 1,5 % had AD and 1,5 % had MD.
c) in Carlow (52º 41' N, 6º 49' W), Ireland (50 bugs). 4 % had AD and 2 % had MD.
In contrast, of the 50 bugs from Dundalk, on the coast across from the atomic reprocessing plant Sellafield UK, ther were no AD but 28% were morphologically disturbed.


Head of a Spittlebug from Flühli, Canton Lucerne
Watercolor, Flühli 2007
The right feeler is disturbed


Spittlebug from Flühli, Entlebuch, Switzerland