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Field Study in Entlebuch

As another potential reference biotope, I chose the mountainous region of Entlebuch (ca. 46º 53' N/8º 0' E to 46º 48' N/7º 56' E) in Central Switzerland, which had been approved in 2001 by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) as the first Swiss Biosphere Reserve. A total of 18 different locations were chosen according to topographic criteria, lying within an area of ca. 12 × 16 km. Per study site, 65 true bugs were collected. In spite of sustainable cultivation, the Entlebuch true bugs are endangered. In the North there are 4 nuclear power plants and one nuclear research palnt, Paul Scherrer Insitute PSI located. PSI houses a oven for the burnig of nuclear waste.
It seems that the emitted artificial radiation causes the disturbances.


Tree bugs Planalp, Canton Berne
Watercolor, Zürich 2008
Left bug larva disturbed right wings. Right bug disturbed left wing and left side adomen


Tree Bugs from Planalp, Switzerland