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Unanswered remains the question whether the disturbances are due to mutations or mophgenetic inflouence durign the growth of the insect or both. Studies on true bugs Heteroptera in the Entlebuch Switzerland show a high varation of disturbances from 3 % to 23%. A correlation between the topographical situation of the research points and windfrequencies was noted. The main valley extends from North to the South, the main wind comig from North called 'Bise'. The highest rate of distubances was found in Flühli AD* 13,8 %, Hüttlenen AD 21,5 %, Südelgraben and Salwiden each 23 %. AD.
*All disturbances


Soft bug from Husegg, Entlebuch, Canton Lucerne

Watercolor, Flühli 2009

The right cover wing is disturbed


Soft Bug from Husegg, Entlebuch, Switzerland