Study trip to the areas of the damaged atomic reactor Three Mile Island and the Peach Bottom Plant in the USA. Exhibition of fabrics in the exhibition ‘Value’ Design in the 1980s at the Museum of Applied Art in Zurich.


Book review on DRS ‘Schweiz aktuell’ (Swiss Current Events). Begin a series of watercolors in collaboration with J. Jenny (ETH) in connection with his dissertation on the health of firebugs in Switzerland as well as the area of the Paul Scherrer Institute. Invited to join a study group, visiting the area surrounding the catastrophe of Chernobyl, collecting true bugs and plants at Séljony Mys, Pripjat and Polesskoje.


Squash Bug from Polesskoje
Watercolor, Zürich 1990
Polesskoje west of the 30 Km exclusion zone, wings are crumpeled


Squash Bug from Polesskoje, Ukraine